I’m back chicas!

Within 24 hours of my last connection home from Europe I was on the road in the wee hours of the morning heading to North Carolina.
Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga have been a large part of my adult life, working the summers away in the Blue Ridge Mountains. DSC_0004Even though we are not one of the long-term families who practically grew up at camp from a young age, this place is home and the friendships formed here are stronger than most. As one former program director said, this place seeks to find the good in others, draw it out of them and reflect it back so they can see the goodness in themselves. We don’t just teach activities here, we are teaching children. It is less about knowing every knot or plant in the book, but more about learning to approach new things in a spirit of learning and determination. No wonder I can’t stay away.

This year is different. In summers past, I was on staff as a rock climbing counselor and this time I am working as the office manager’s assistant. It blends my love of the outdoors with the skill set I have been gifted from a higher power. There has been much laughter alongside days of frustration…but isn’t that everyone’s summertime.

Photo Credit: Christie Peaslee

The mountains are beautiful as ever and so far I have been three places for the first time ever!

C2F83C70-1.  Devil’s Courthouse has such a great view and is even pretty wonderful to look at from the parking lot itself.

2.  Mount Hardy was the Counselor Overnight destination. With tutorials on stove usage, pita pizzas, and a couple guitars strumming along, we enjoyed the sunset. These people have possibly the most ridiculous and fun-loving personalities of all time. They love to have a good time and if a ground pad accidentally gets set on fire…no harm done right?

3.  Paradise Falls is tucked away hidden far down a slippery slope *symbolic isn’t it?*. Overall totally worth the trouble it can take to find, this little area of the world is beautiful and refreshing. I can’t believe it took me so long to make it out here, but in the end timing is everything 🙂

The summer is halfway over and with the conclusion of our first big session comes Carnival. We dominated Chosatonga in the Archery Tournament then proceeded to attack everyone within arm’s reach with shaving cream.

Lastly we conclude the session with Parent’s Day and Final Candlelight at the Kahdalea lake. This is always a really special time and very memorable as we come together as a full camp one last time.

So with my expanded knowledge of beautiful places in this corner of North Carolina and only half the summer left, I guess I should get back to exploring/enjoying these mountains!



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